A Two-days Conference “Strength in Voices” from 22 – 23 March 2005 was held in ASR. The main topics discussed in the sessions were provincial autonomy of Baluchistan, Sindh and Southern Punjab, the legal and Constitutional rights and status of the Minorities, based on the research conducted by late Shahla Zia for a project of ASR Resource Centre, the issues of the Peasants, Fisher folks, Gwadar and Kalabagh Dam, the violence against single woman. About 250 participants from Interior Sindh, Baluchistan and Punjab participated in the conference.

The participants included activists from various organizations, working for women’s rights, Human Rights, peace movements, workers, and fisher folks. Intellectuals, writers, journalists and political workers also participated in the conference and addressed the issues through their presentations. Lots of discussions held on the issues which came up during the presentations. A tribute to Shahla Zia was presented by various people. On the night of first day a cultural night was celebrated to educate the participants about their issues through entertainment. The artists from Sindh and Tharparkar presented various issues through music and short skits. Later a declaration was passed unanimously by all the participants comprising further plan of action.

The conference got due coverage in the Print Media. It was also instrumental in boosting the morale of the ASR staff and the participants, who attended the conference and working for achieving the common objectives of the project.