A National Conference was held from 10 – 12 February 2013 on ‘The Women’s Movement in Pakistan: Connectivity and Disjuncture of ‘Voices from Below’ and ‘Voices from Above’ and ‘Women and the Movement for Peace: Towards a Peoples’ Plan of Action on Women and Peace’.

The ASR/IWSL conference ‘A Celebration of Women: In Struggle Together’ brought together over 85 women from across the country representing different classes, provinces; regions; locales; sectors; backgrounds; creativities and generations. The purpose was an intensive and interconnected reflection of the women’s movement over the past 30 years with specific emphasis on connectivity and disjuncture within the women’s movement both at the official/government levels and within the movement.

The sessions included presentations on the women’s movement; the women’s peace movement; women and creativity; women and literature; a discussion on the Indian women’s movement and two panels covering debates on ‘resurgent patriarchies’. A feminist poetry recitation was arranged in the evening in which famous women poets presented their poetry. ASR team also presented the revolutionary songs during the sessions.

The conference included a video montage on the herstory of ASR/IWSL and on Women’s Action Forum and concluded with a public rally celebrating and honoring the women’s demonstration against Zia ul Haq on February 12th 1983.