The National Conference / Assembly of Development Activists held in Lahore from 20th to 24th April 1995, was organized by the ASR Resource Centre as part of the ASR’s programme, “Process to Beijing and Beyond”.

The conference was essentially a coming together of development and women’s rights activists who had been involved in ASR’s year and a half national level programmatic activities and campaigns in connection with the forthcoming 4th UN World Conference on Women – Beijing 1995. ASR’s programme focused on involving sectors such as workers/trade unions, media, education and community based organisations which are normally left out of the development processes or activities in connection with international meetings.

The purpose of the conference held in April was to bring together all these sectors to share perspectives on issues and to provide a platform for various creative expressions on the issues and to inspire thoughts, ideas, positions and plans in connection with the issues and the women’s and people’s movements.

ASR received an overwhelming and enthusiastic response to attend the Conference from all over Pakistan. Over 12000 people registered and some 600 registered participants attended the Conference, while hundreds of non-registered people came to the open exhibition and cultural events. It was in this spirit that the Conference became an energizing, multidimensional, creative event with wide-ranging representation from all over Pakistan.

The issues that were presented in the Conference are all being published by ASR in both Urdu and English. However, ASR has decided to also make the report of this Conference available in both languages not only for participants who attended but others who may be interested and involved in the process.

This report is a narrative which includes summaries of the presentations; creative expressions; art; multimedia installation and sculpture; a book festival; film festival; theatre; performances; skits and short acts; plays; puppet show; musical evening; mushaira; press coverage (those articles not including pictorial coverage and which have collected until the time of going to press); participants’ list and financial report. The Conference has been an incredible success in many aspects and ASR is proud of the tireless months of preparations and activity that was put towards this aim.

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