An evening with Sheema Kirmani:

On the first day of the conference, classical dance performance of Sheema Kirmani held at the roof top of the venue. Lights were adjusted and so was the music. Everyone got seated and waited for the dance to start of the famous classical dancer who happens to be one of the faculty member of IWSL as well as an active feminist activist.

Sheema Kirmani entered with simple black clothes and purple dupatta and very little equipment. She prepared herself and so did the audience. First she explained the condition of women in our society and then how she would go about trying to emphasize the different dimensions of the oppression of women through her dance.

With her dance and tableau-like performance the audiences were enthralled how she easily and creatively depicted the poor plight of women. Use of dance for social commentary was a new experience for the young participants, as the state-controlled media has not allowed showing dance in any form. Everyone appreciated and applauded her performance and the freshness was again seen on the faces of the participants.