The National Consultation on Confronting Crises and Forging the Future

A National Consultation held in September 2009 and attended by about 140 representing a cross section of grass roots, provincial and national organisations from across the country focused in its two day deliberations on the current crises (Confronting Crises), and the continuous issues of education, health and the environment, and future directions (Forging Future). It also recapped the 25 year process that proceeded the UN Fourth World Conference on Women and the experiences of Pakistani women who had engaged with/participated in them (a number of women attending remembered the follow up to the Mexico conference and several had been at the Nairobi and following conferences).

Current/emerging crises were discussed in plenary sessions with high caliber presentations and analyses followed by discussions. The continuing issues were reviewed in working groups. Both days began with feminist poetry reading. A slide show documenting the contemporary women’s movement in the 80s and 90s was also part of the programme.