Over Sixty participants presented their work at the ASR Women’s Studies conference. Each participant presented a paper in workshops based on either ongoing work such as a Ph.D. dissertation, or from completed works, work in progress, proposals and papers derived from activities that the participants were involved in.

On the first day, the basic conceptual issues and problems in feminism were outlined in a session which involved all the participants. Over the next two days, the participants divided into four groups respectively dealing with issues of development, identity and ideology, fiction writing and the movement. In each group papers were shared and discussed within the framework of basic concepts laid out on the opening day which was spent in exploring the diverse areas of study and experience and to understand how the knowledge gained could further the women’s movement.

On the fourth and fifth days of the conference, workshop reports were presented in sessions open to the public and a synthesis emerged from all the workshop papers and plenary discussions. On the last day this synthesis was illustrated and demonstrated by some of the literary and performing artists sharing their work in plenary, while reflecting on it at theoretical and experiential levels.