Prose readings by women writers in Urdu and English, illustrated the power of written expressions in communicating the suffering but also the struggle of women.

One reading was from a piece by Saeeda Gazdar, written as a tribute to the activists who were baton charged and became victims of police brutality in 1983 for struggling against a repressive military regime and for the restoration of democracy and women’s rights.

Bapsi Sidhwa’s reading from her recent publication, focused on the confusion and dilemmas of young migrant women who are forced to reconcile with different cultural restraints.

Saeeda Gazdar Reading poem “Masjid Ke Saaye Mein” from her book “Tauq-o-Daar Ka Mausam”

Shahida Hasan Reading Paper “The Expression of the Modern Pakistani Woman in Urdu Poetry”. This is an analysis of a few poetical works in the past three or four decades. Women have displayed tremendous confidence in producing literary works which contain a special sensitivity and understanding of society.