The certificate and diploma courses were open to WOMEN ONLY. Applications had been considered from those involved or actively interested in Women’s Studies, women’s empowerment and the women’s movement.

Issue based or shorter courses, however, may also include men. Participants for shorter courses, women and men, would either been invited or solicited through nominations from pertinent organisations.

The certificate and diploma course, as well as the scholars’/researchers’ programme, were especially directed towards:

  • Non-government organisations (development related, legal or environment oriented); trainers; economists; sociologists; teachers/educationalists; university faculty.
  • Government departments; ministries; Civil Service; urban development departments/researchers, Women’s Cells, development projects, and multilateral or bilateral internationally funded programmes.
  • Media __ journalists; visual or performing artists; those involved in publishing, writing prose or poetry, and other forms of creative expression.
  • Activists __ trainers; members of Women’s rights, Human rights, Civil rights organisations; those supporting the progressive women’s movement.
  • Academics/Professionals __ researchers; teachers; professionals in all disciplines (humanities and the social and `pure’ sciences; lawyers, architects, doctors, etc.)
  • Post-Graduates __ Students intending to worked with the women’s movement, in Women’s Studies, or on Women and Development.